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Leverage precise computer vision technology to transform objective data into compelling narratives that drive patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes

Our patient-centric,
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Our Vision AI Technology

Accurate Keypoints Detection

Detects 26 key body points, giving real-time feedback, and pose correction

Range of Motion

Identifies the angles of all body joints, creates time-series plot on clinician dashboard

Engagement by Body Part

Displays the working joints and muscles to the patient/clinician

3D Measurement

Beyond real-time ROM detection, our AI technology can reconstruct the angle and infer where a joint is in space to improve clinical decision-making.

Our approach

We combine technology and clinical expertise to put patients and clinicians first


Our technology enables digital storytelling. Objective data with Vision AI transforms healthcare and enhances clinical decision making while simplifying the documentation process. Our technology improves communication amongst providers, patient compliance to rehabilitation programs, and ultimately optimizes patient outcomes across the board.


We combine procedures and technology to simplify treatment journeys for healthcare providers and patients. We provide a platform to innovatively assess quantitative movement metrics that improve the patient experience while streamlining objective measurement documentation and obtaining valuable data to improve future patient care.


Our platform is purposely designed to work with everyday devices. ViFive is compatible with both in-person and remote settings for hybrid care. Our technology is cloud-based and not dependent on any external equipment; we only require an off-the-shelf computer device with a camera, such as a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, both for healthcare providers and patients.

Why MSK?

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSK/MSD) are pervasive across the population and can endure across a lifetime


More than 50% of US adults suffer from MSK disorders with the approximate total cost of $550 in 2021


MSK disorders often last for 6+ months and can result in chronic pain


On average, 44% also have additional chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, mental health, cancer)

Vision AI

How our technology works

Our cutting-edge technology utilizes advanced computer vision to help healthcare providers measure and analyze patients’ movements and functions. Our technology does not require any additional sensors, wearable technology, or cameras to get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact your MSK healthcare providers. If your healthcare providers are not using the ViFive platform, please click the button below to begin the application process. We’ll contact your healthcare provider to make sure that you can use our product. The process only takes 1 minute.
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For patients

If your healthcare provider uses our ViFive platform, you can simply click the invitation link within an email to join a telehealth session from your video-conferencing capable devices, such as a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. If you are visiting a clinic in person, nothing is needed. 

For clinicians
Please subscribe to our waiting list to be contacted. We will reach out on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Healthcare Operations
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● For specialized government functions such as national security
For other uses and disclosures, we may need your written authorization.


What our clients say about us

Marissa, Patient
Read More
As someone who has suffered from MSK and hypermobility for over a decade, I’ve tried every approach to pain management out there. The combination of realtime camera-based feedback plus one-on-one coaching from a DPT makes ViFive’s home exercise program a total game changer, and the first I’ve ever really stuck with.
Demian, Patient
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With the assistance of ViFive's AI Coach, my execution of home exercises has become much more precise. Additionally, the experience of using the app is both enjoyable and engaging.
Chris, DPT
Read More
It was much easier to educate my patient with the annotation tool. He gained a higher understanding of his condition and how his symptoms were related to other parts of his body. My patient was excited to get feedback that showed improvement of his condition. The ability to share past images compared to current images provided positive reinforcement of the effectiveness of the exercise program.
Carol, DPT
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Using the ViFive app made my telehealth appointment with my patient go much smoother. Instead of using gestures and long explanations to explain which muscle was giving him pain, I could show him a screenshot and replay the motion so that he could identify his problem areas. I’ve never seen patients so excited to do another session and try to improve. I don’t feel like I’m missing the tools I normally would rely on in the clinic like a goniometer–it’s all included. I finally have a way to show a patient what their spine looks like! Even with a mirror in the clinic, it’s hard to show a patient how their spine curves and how it relates to our PT goals. Instead of trying to explain how the patient is moving better, I was able to easily show him what percent improvement he had in his range of motion compared to last session. When my patient asked me why we were working on his neck muscles and not his back muscles, I could simply pull up the screenshot that showed how his neck and back muscles connected and the asymmetry he had side to side. The Replay feature peels away the busy background of the clinic and any distracting information and gives me a forthright, accurate way to assess a patient’s movement. It means I have more time to spend with my patient on education and exercise!
Dan, DPT
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With the ability to automatically document differences in range of motion and balance, ViFive creates improved objective documentation for telehealth visits. It also allows easy documentation of a user's improvement in ROM and balance activity, something that can not be objectively done when just using normal telehealth. ViFive has been a game changer in Telehealth. The ability of sharing the motion capture feature with my client adds tremendous value. As a manual therapist I need a way to show detail in what I am seeing regarding a patients movement, and this feature allows me to do that in the best way possible without manual touch. ViFives range of motion capture and screen share features allow me to show a user exactly what I see when I am performing a telehealth visit. This adds value as the user can see the differences in their motion and also see where they need improvement. Without these features, our assessment is only subjective. Having objectivity related to range of motion, balance, and showing that over time—is a game changer in telehealth for PT’s.

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