Mobility Fingerprinting with Vision AI

Accelerate your transformation with
the ViFiVE platform


Our vision AI technology is not dependent on any external equipment. We only require a mobile phone or tablet to engage with patients.


Our technology is easily integrated into your current platform because we own our entire end-to-end machine learning pipeline.


Our mobility technology helps patients perform correct exercises through real-time coaching. Our technology will help prevent injury and speed recovery through a simple user interface on your mobile phone or tablet.

Our Model

Deploy our patient app as quickly as two weeks. Achieve true remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) with improved compliance and outcomes at your fingerprints.

Keypoint Detection

Detects 16 key body points, providing real-time feedback and pose correction.

Range of Motion

Identifies the angles of engaged joints during the exercise, classifying moderate and ideal angle taking into account the inclination of the device. Click to see how it’s done

Engagement by Body Part

Displays and informs the working muscles and joints for each particular exercise

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